Cruise lines have minimum age requirements for “young adults”

We are located near Port Canaveral and this is the time of year where our phones start to ring with requests from soon to be graduates hoping to take a graduation cruise with their friends. Most have reached the “adult” age of 18, graduated from high school and many preparing for college. Almost all are surprised that 18 may be a legal age for many things but for cruising it is not acceptable for unaccompanied cruising, i.e. without parents or guardians. Cruise lines are firm in their restrictions which I will detail clearly.
Carnival Cruise Lines requires everyone in the cabin to be 21 or older otherwise there must be someone at least 25 years old.
Royal Caribbean a bit less restrictive requires at least one person to be 21 years old in each cabin.
Disney Cruise Line does allow passengers to travel alone  at 18 years but most graduates are not looking for the Disney family cruise experience option.

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